Full Circle Indigenous Planning, LLC.

A Native American-owned, research-based planning and design firm



Full Circle Indigenous Planning is committed to providing exceptional master planning and design services based in real-world budget, schedule and common sense.  We work directly with you to create project teams appropriate for the specific requirements of your project.  By applying a diverse set of creative talents and expertise to address each project comprehensively, we will coordinate and deliver a well-researched, expertly planned, beautifully designed and culturally appropriate master plan and vision for your project. Our four-part design process:

  1. GATHER: Full Circle Indigenous Planning utilizes a team-based approach to problem-solving through a collaborative and multi-disciplinary design process. With your guidance, we determine the right team of community stakeholders, consultants and experts for each project and develop the community gatherings and project meetings to generate the dialogue and collective wisdom that will lead to project success.
  2. LISTEN: Effective planning begins with asking the right questions, listening carefully and intelligently, and putting years of relevant experience to work to develop creative, informed and evidence-based design solutions that balance many factors.  Our team knows what questions to ask, what issues to address, and the design process needed to uncover the critical voices, issues and strategies for a successful master planning effort.
  3. EXPLORE: Full Circle Indigenous Planning is committed to developing innovative and sustainable design solutions that raise the bar for tribal development. We strive for inventive and creative design visions that balance budget and schedule goals with cultural and aesthetic goals, site conditions, functional efficiencies, and programmatic requirements.
  4. VISUALIZE: Full Circle is committed to producing exceptional and compelling renderings, drawings, models and other design visualization graphics. Effective design visualization is essential to build excitement, gain consensus and convey the meaning and design concepts for any project. Schedules, project budgets, and design drawings that are clear and easily understood will give you the tools to effectively market and make your project a reality.

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