Full Circle Indigenous Planning, LLC.

A Native American-owned, research-based planning and design firm


At Full Circle, we believe architecture is a powerful expression of Native American cultural identity and a critical component of sovereignty and self-determination. Like other cultural and artistic traditions, architecture and placemaking reflect a community’s values and beliefs and informs our quality of life.  Buildings and communities designed to reflect and honor culture can transmit vital knowledge and customs from one generation to the next.  We work with tribal communities, institutions, and developments to ensure that projects meet both the specific functional and aesthetic needs of a development, but also meet the broader goal to provide better environments for Native community members to succeed. We think Native design should be fun, inspiring, educational and beautiful, promoting our rich cultures in daily life.

Full Circle Indigenous Planning looks forward to working with you to further the economic, social and cultural growth of our people and to honor tradition while meeting the needs of modern tribal development.

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